Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best Place To Live In Colorado

Boulder keeps cropping up on lists of best places to live, and Boulderites get pretty smug about it.  According to the Daily Camera, Boulder has been listed in the following magazines in the last four years: Men's Journal (May 2003) "Best overall," Runner's World, "Best running city," Self: "Thinnest city in America", Sunset: "The West's best city" and "No. 1 green & clean city," Seventeen, "Top 10 places for teens," Forbes, No. 4 ranking in "Best places," Health, "10 Fittest cities," Outside, "Best place to be an uberjock", Redbook, "Top ten great cities for working mothers," Shape, No. 3 ranking in "Fittest city." Something, it seems, for everyone, as long as you can figure out where to live in Boulder. So where is Boulder Colorado?

Boulder is located 25 miles northwest of Denver and Denver International Airport is located 50 miles southeast of Boulder. In the opposite direction, Rocky Mountain National Park is 33 miles North-West.

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